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About Directorate General of Colleges of Applied Sciences

The Directorate General of the Colleges of Applied Sciences supervised the Colleges of Applied Sciences, which were established on 3/7/2007 according to the Royal Decree No.62/2007. The six colleges of Applied Sciences are distributed in Sur, Sohar, Nizwa, Ibri, Salalah and Rustaq. The studying period in the colleges is Five years; one year for the foundation program; four years to get the Bachelor Degree in one of the programs offered in the colleges. These programs are: Information Technology, Design, Communication Studies and International Business Administration. Each program has different specializations. It is worth mentioning that each college adopts one of these programs. However, the specializations of a specific program are not necessarily all offered in the same college that offers the program. The programs are distributed in Colleges of Applied Sciences according to the demands of the job market. The language of teaching in the Colleges is English. The Engineering program with its three specializations (Electronic Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering) is only offered in Sohar. It is a 6-year program including 2 years for the foundation program.

The responsibilities of the Directorate General of the Colleges of Applied Sciences include the following:

Developing scientific research programs in the college and publishing them.

Setting policies and plans for the academic programs, admission, scheduling systems, developing the cadre, and academic planning in the colleges.

Conducting research and studies in the fields relevant to the programs offered in the colleges.

Exchanging experiences and information with the local and international educational institutions and cultural authorities.

Activation the role of the Colleges of Applied Sciences in serving the environment and the local community in association with the concerned authorities.

Providing academic programs, modern curriculums, new technologies, and unique tools consistent with the international orientations to serve Omani economy.

Setting strategies and developing the usage of information technology systems and e-learning in the Colleges of Applied Sciences.

The Directorate General of the Colleges of Applied Sciences carries out its duties through the following administrative departments:

Directorate General Office

Technical office.

Performance Evaluation Department.

Mail and Documents Department.

Statistics Department.

Admin and Finance Department.

Academic Programs Department.

Scientific Research Centre.

Student Services Center.

E-Academic Systems Center.